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Adapting Books for Film & TV

Next Deadline: August 15th


Symposium: Events for Creatives

"A year-round conference in the arts." For writers, filmmakers, and other artists.


Finding Lit Agents and Publishers for Authors

Next Deadline: August 20th


Book Pipeline Finalists Secure Publishing Deal

"Unrelenting" by Jessi Honard & Marie Parks released in 2022


Evaluating Manuscripts, Proposals, Synopses, & Queries

Submit to a professional editor for review.


Book Pipeline on Twitter

#PipelineAuthors virtual mixers every Thursday @ 5pm Pacific


Debut Novel by Book Pipeline Winner Released in 2022

Tara Stringfellow's "Memphis" published by Dial Press (Penguin Random House)


Unpublished Winner Signs with Agent

Carol Mann Agency signs Nonfiction winner Melissa Duge Spiers after Pipeline introduction.


Workshop "Recommend" Author Signs with Agent

After recommendation from the Workshop team, Laura Garrison signed with Erin Clyburn at Howland Literary.


Pipeline Artists

A platform for creatives - now accepting short fiction


Agent Signs Book Pipeline Winner

Unpublished Winner Laura Picklesimer signed with The Rights Factory


Amy B. Scher Wins 2020 Adaptation Competition

"This Is How I Save My Life" lauded by Pipeline execs as a potential "cinematic gem"


Winner "The Last to See Me" Spins a Fresh Take on a Ghost Story

Two more sequels published in 2020 and 2021


The Book Pipeline Workshop provides a broad analysis of fiction, nonfiction, synopses, and queries from professional editors. Top material considered for circulation to lit agents and publishers.

Open for Review


Adaptation Contest

The Book Pipeline Adaptation contest seeks published books, graphic novels, short stories, and plays for film and TV adaptation. Winner and finalists receive development and circulation to producers.

Deadline: August 15th, 2022


Unpublished Contest

The Book Pipeline Unpublished contest reviews unpublished manuscripts across multiple categories of fiction and nonfiction. Select publishers and agents get first look at the winners and runners-up.

Deadline: August 20th, 2022



Book Pipeline connects writers worldwide with publishers, agents, and the film industry. Through two competitions—Unpublished and Adaptation—the company seeks both new and established authors. Additionally, through its Workshop, Book Pipeline aids creators in identifying key issues early on in their writing process with an experienced team of professional editors.

Since the division’s rebrand in 2020, Book Pipeline has helped many authors secure literary representation and publishing deals through its unique, long-term, hands-on facilitation process.

In total, across Film, Book, and Script Pipeline, approximately 25,000 pieces of creative material are reviewed annually, with over 4,000 entries submitted to Book Pipeline in 2021.

Learn more about Script Pipeline, Film PipelinePipeline Media, and Pipeline Artists, a platform to educate and inspire creatives.

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Book Pipeline: Spotlight


By Spotlight: Must-Reads

Sorrowland by Rivers Solomon lgbtq+ fiction MCD (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)—May 2021 A befuddled writer walks into a Brooklyn watering hole and is asked to pitch the premise of Sorrowland in a succinct, logline-like manner. Said writer slams down an overpriced beer and wordlessly walks out. Because it just … can’t be done. Did this happen to me? In reality? No. But in my head? Many times over. Because … TIME IS A FLAT CIRCLE! *Peter slaps himself across the face and reminds himself that he isn’t Rust Cohle.* There are plenty of books, films, and TV series that try to be “genre-agnostic”—pieces of art that claim to exist simultaneously in several different genres. In reality (not the one where I’m in True Detective) very few of them truly accomplish the feat. But by my count? Sorrowland could be accurately placed in six: LGBTQ+ coming-of-age, survival thriller, supernatural horror, speculative…

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From Book Pipeline Writers

“Before winning the 2021 Book Pipeline Adaptation contest, my adventures in the screen trade left more than a bad taste in my mouth. There were false starts and broken promises. Productions that seemed fated for the green light only to wither to dust. Then I wrote Under Color of Law, and I felt invigorated by the possibility of adapting it into a series. I submitted my novel to Book Pipeline, and now, I finally have a team in my corner.”

Aaron Philip Clark (The Color of Law)Adaptation Grand Prize Winner

“Winning the Book Pipeline contest was the biggest career turbo-boost I could imagine. The Pipeline team really makes good on their offer to shepherd you and your project through every step of getting repped and published. They begin the minute you win and work tirelessly from that moment to make opportunities happen. I am beyond thrilled to have signed with Dani Segelman and the Carol Mann Agency, and I will be forever grateful to Book Pipeline for introducing us!”

Melissa Duge Spiers (The Glory Whole)Unpublished Grand Prize Winner (Nonfiction)

“The Book Pipeline team is fantastic. They know the publishing industry extremely well, and they want every writer to succeed. Their support and encouragement have been phenomenal. Erica Davis’s notes gave me the inspiration I needed to finish my manuscript, and Peter Malone Elliott introduced me to an agent (Erin Clyburn at Howland Literary) who is a perfect match for my writing. If you’re thinking about submitting to the workshop and wondering if it’s worthwhile: do it! This experience opened doors I would otherwise have been knocking on for years.”

Laura Garrison (Toad Skin)Workshop "Recommends" Author

“The Book Pipeline team has been incredible throughout this journey, offering me support, encouragement and assistance with querying my debut novel. Natalie Kimber is a perfect match, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Book Pipeline. I am thrilled to be joining The Rights Factory!”

Laura Picklesimer (Kill for Love)Unpublished Grand Prize Winner (Mystery/Thriller)

“As any debut writer knows, navigating the submission process after bleeding into your first manuscript can be truly lonely and brutal. Through Book Pipeline, I met an incredible network of industry professionals who provided support, direction, and companionship when I needed it most. This is an epic organization filled with epic people, and I couldn't be more grateful for their continued belief in me and my work.”

John Cosgrove (The Black Space Behind Our Eyes)Unpublished Grand Prize Winner (Outsider)

“As debut authors, it's so hard to stand out without someone standing behind you, and that's exactly what Book Pipeline has done for us. They've helped us make important connections, they've advocated for us, and they've made it clear they're investing in our entire careers. We couldn't be more thrilled or grateful for the opportunity to have their support. It's more than we ever imagined when we first entered the contest. We wouldn't be where we are now--with our debut novel set for publication with a publishing house we adore--without them.”

Jessi Honard & Marie Parks (Unrelenting)Unpublished Finalist (Sci-Fi/Fantasy)

“When I entered the Book Pipeline Unpublished contest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Being selected as a grand prize winner or finalist wasn’t an instant book deal or an instant agent contract. But as it turned out, those selections are much more: rather a long-term investment in not one book, but many in your career. As a finalist, I went from being one small voice drowning within the multitude, to being validated, valued, supported, and championed.”

Liz Fyne (The Speed of Free Fall)Unpublished Finalist (Literary)

“The Book Pipeline team advocates for your career with unparalleled sincerity and determination. Refining my work with their expert guidance has opened up an entirely new world of possibilities.”

Ari Halevy (Heretical)Unpublished Grand Prize Winner (Sci-Fi/Fantasy)

“Placing as a finalist in the Book Pipeline Unpublished Contest was just what I needed to finally secure representation with a literary agent and ultimately sell my project to a reputable publisher. The Book Pipeline team took personal interest in my writing - not only in my unpublished manuscript, but screenplays as well. Their enthusiasm and encouragement has been a welcome bulwark in my journey as a writer.”

Samuel C. Spitale (How to Tell What's True)Unpublished Finalist (Nonfiction)

“Last year I lurked on the Book Pipeline site, mouse gliding like a Ouija board oculus to the “submit” button. I paused…do I believe in my work? Yes! *click!* Soon after, my book is circulated to Hollywood. These guys are for real.”

Tyler Knight (Burn My Shadow)Adaptation Finalist

“What sets Pipeline apart is the personal connection that’s made between them and the writers. As a novelist, being a finalist in the Adaptation contest propelled me to adapt my novel Anna Incognito into a screenplay, and everyone at Pipeline provided excellent guidance and encouragement. They are stellar human beings, regular people you can talk to, but also people who know a LOT about the film industry.”

Laura Preble (Anna Incognito)Adaptation Finalist

“Book Pipeline is a dream to work with. They immediately saw a clear vision of the adaptation for my book and it was brilliant. They knew just what parts of my story to hone in on and how to make them even more appealing to execs. I'm thrilled and honored to work with a team like this!”

Amy B. Scher (This is How I Save My Life)Adaptation Grand Prize Winner


Ann Meyers Drysdale and Joni Ravenna

By Interviews

Ann Meyers Drysdale’s biography You Let Some Girl Beat You?, written by Joni Ravenna, placed as a runner-up in the 2020 Book Pipeline Adaptation season. As someone who’s pretty fluent in sports—and I admit this painfully aware of my own sports history shortcomings—I wasn’t all that familiar with Ann’s background. But it’s a legitimately extraordinary one. It’s a story that captures a specific time period, but is timeless in its messaging. Outside of the checkboxes required of a biography, what were some of the primary ideas you wanted to get across? How did you see this translating to screen? Ann Meyers Drysdale (AMD): From what I remember, first, just convincing me to do my story in the first place! I wasn’t sure in the beginning how and what we wanted to say. Personally, I was uncomfortable “showing myself” to the world and felt that my sister and other family members had achieved…

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Adaptations in Development

Adaptations in Development – July 2022

By Adaptations in Development

Here are some of the most notable adaptations announced in July 2022. Disney, 2DUX² (Marc Forster), and Netter Productions will adapt Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. David Magee will write the script and Forster will direct. The novel was published in 2008 by HarperCollins. Kingdom Story Company and Lionsgate have tapped screenwriter Jason Hall to pen the adaptation of Eric Blehm’s Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown. The nonfiction book was published in 2012 by the Doubleday Religious Publishing Group. Disney and Olive Bridge Entertainment will adapt Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Princess and the Pea” under the title Penelope. Robert Sudduth will provide the script, and Ingrid Michaelson and Larry O’Keefe will write original songs. The fairy tale was first published in Andersen’s collection Tales, Told for Children in 1835. Kosmos Studios and Stone Village Pictures have tapped screenwriters Nina Gwyn…

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