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Amy B. Scher Wins 2020 Adaptation Competition

"This Is How I Save My Life" lauded by Pipeline execs as a potential "cinematic gem"


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Debut Novel by Book Pipeline Winner Releases 2021

Tara Stringfellow's "Memphis" published by Dial Press (Penguin Random House)


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Winner "The Last to See Me" Spins a Fresh Take on a Ghost Story

Sequel "I See You So Close" released in 2020 by Simon & Schuster


Book Pipeline Winner: Whistleblower Exposes Unethical Administration

Paula Pedene's remarkable story detailed in "Veteran's Day"


Book Pipeline Co-Hosts Session at the Writer's Digest Conference

The 2019 NYC event drew close to 1,000 attendees


Book Pipeline Winner: Biography Highlights True Founder of Crips

The life of gang leader Raymond Washington by Zach Fortier


Book Pipeline Winner: A Timely One-Woman Comedy Play

"Application Pending" earns critical praise and multiple awards


Book Pipeline Winner: Vivid Neo-Noir Breathes Life into the Genre

Milo Behr's impressive novel wins first Book Pipeline season

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Launched in 2014, Book Pipeline connects writers worldwide with publishers, agents, and the film industry. Through two submissions platforms–Unpublished and Adaptation–the company seeks both new and established authors.

For 20 years, Pipeline has bridged the gap between up-and-coming writers and the industry through a unique, long-term, hands-on facilitation process. The result thus far has been $8 million in scripts sold to studios and networks since 1999, most recently the seven-figure sale of Script Pipeline finalist Bring Me Back to Legendary Entertainment. In total, across Film, Book, and Script Pipeline, approximately 25,000 pieces of creative material are reviewed annually, with over 4,000 entries submitted to Book Pipeline in 2020.

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Book Pipeline: Spotlight

The Biggest Bluff: How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win

By Spotlight - Must-Reads

The Biggest Bluff: How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Winby by Maria Konnikova Nonfiction Penguin – June 2020 The memoir. It’s a genre of nonfiction that, quite honestly, is a bit of a wildcard. When done poorly, memoirs can be superfluous exercises of vanity, incredibly dry reads, and thinly veiled instruments of agenda-pushing. Furthermore, for every insightful, sharply crafted, and timely memoir, there are about a dozen that are. . . well, not. Luckily for us? Not only is The Biggest Bluff firmly in the former category, it is one of the most astute, intellectually challenging, and engrossing works I’ve read in recent memory. The Biggest Bluff follows Maria Konnikova, a Columbia University PhD in Psychology and acclaimed writer, as she dove into the world of professional poker as a method to study human behavior, the role of chance in day-to-day life (and the fallacy that we can control all…

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From Book Pipeline Writers

“Everything about my experience with Book Pipeline so far has been wonderful. It means a great deal to me to have them out there advocating, stomping the earth for my work.”

M Dressler (The Last to See Me)Book Pipeline Winner

“Book Pipeline is a dream to work with. They immediately saw a clear vision of the adaptation for my book and it was brilliant. They knew just what parts of my story to hone in on and how to make them even more appealing to execs. I'm thrilled and honored to work with a team like this!”

Amy B. Scher (This is How I Save My Life)Book Pipeline Winner

“Book Pipeline's support and advice in helping develop a compelling package to industry decision-makers has been invaluable... This is a contest that truly delivers what it promises.”

Paula Pedene and Doug Williams (Veteran's Day)Book Pipeline Winner

“This contest is legit. Prior to the option agreement, Book Pipeline pushed my book week after week, month after month to anyone who would listen to the potential Raymond Washington’s life story held.”

Zach Fortier (I Am Ray Washington)Book Pipeline Winner

“Placing as a Semifinalist for my short story was a huge confidence boost, and I learned a lot in the process. As a new author without any published fiction work who submitted a psychological drama about a 6-foot-tall talking pigeon, the odds probably weren't in my favor--but their unbiased judges saw the potential in my insane idea.”

Elvin Sabla (Flight of the Pigeon Man)Book Pipeline Semifinalist

“Book Pipeline opened my eyes to entirely new avenues for my writing. I've always considered myself a novelist, yet being selected in the top 10 gave me a sense of when my concepts are screen-worthy, or might even endure through a series.”

Keith Leitch (Too Much Information)Book Pipeline Semifinalist

“Becoming a Book Pipeline finalist has been a welcome bit of news. There are few opportunities in life to reinvent yourself, and this one of them. Perhaps the most surprising aspect is how unintimidating the folks at Book Pipeline are: highly approachable and sincerely interested in my success.”

W. Lawrence (Syncing Forward)Book Pipeline Finalist

“Though my first self-published novel was an award winner and was picked up by a producer, getting a self-published book recognized is an arduous process. I took a different tact with my second novel, and entered it into Book Pipeline, and now I have a chance to pitch it to industry professionals. Wish I had done that with my first book!”

Douglas Wentworth (CarnEvil)Book Pipeline Semifinalist

“Of all the contests I've entered (and even won), I've received the most information, the most exposure, and the most mentoring from Book Pipeline.”

Milo Behr (Beowulf: A Bloody Calculus)Book Pipeline Winner

“Having been named a Book Pipeline semifinalist not only gave me a lift, but it renewed my hope of turning some of my novels into films. They are terrific at putting production companies together with writers. I recommend all screenwriter and authors submit.”

Libby Fischer Hellmann (A Bitter Veil)Book Pipeline Semifinalist

“Writers work alone. Someone saying 'your book should be a movie' can make my day. When 'Six Passengers, Five Parachutes' was selected as a Book Pipeline Semifinalist, it made my year.”

Ian BullBook Pipeline Semifinalist

“Being named a finalist has definitely increased both the profile of my book and its perceived market value. The Book Pipeline team has impressed me every step of the way with their high standards, organisation, individual attention, and industry savvy.”

Stacia Saint Owens (Auto-Erotica)Book Pipeline Finalist


Jenna-Marie Warnecke

By Interviews

A finalist in the Book Pipeline Fiction competition with her short story Cuddlebug, Jenna-Marie Warnecke is a fiction and (as of 2020) TV writer. Her work has been published in journals and magazines nationwide. The underlying premise of Cuddlebug is so raw with so much universal heart. Where did the idea come from? What was alluring about the world of “professional cuddlers?” A friend of mine referred to my partner at the time as “Cuddlebug,” and I imagined a company of professional cuddlers, going around town comforting people in a physical but nonsexual way. By the time I got the story published, that service existed! I suppose I was prescient enough to foresee this type of gig work, but couldn’t get it out into the world fast enough for everyone else to think I was ahead of my time. My whole process of writing the story was just imagining, what…

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Adaptations in Development

Adaptations in Development – December 2020

By Adaptations in Development

Here are some of the most notable adaptations announced in December 2020: – A24 has picked up Ocean Vuong’s novel On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, which was published in June 2019 by Penguin Press. – Blumhouse Productions (Jason Blum’s company) won the rights to Azam Ahmed’s New York Times article “She Stalked Her Daughter’s Killers Across Mexico, One by One” in a bidding war. Blum and Ahmed will produce. – Also at Blumhouse: They will be teaming with Morgan Creek Entertainment Group to produce a(nother) sequel to The Exorcist, based on the novel Legion, written by original Exorcist novelist Willam Peter Blatty. David Gordon Green will possibly direct. Harper & Row published The Exorcist in 1973, and Simon & Schuster published its sequel in 1983. – MGM, Plan B Entertainment (Brad Pitt), and Annapurna Pictures have tapped Cory Finley to script and direct the adaptation to M.T. Anderson’s novel Landscape…

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