The 5th Annual Book Pipeline Competition

Late Deadline: December 1st, 2018

The 5th Annual Book Pipeline Competition seeks material for film or television adaptation. Open to writers worldwide, the contest accepts any genre, fiction or non-fiction. Published or unpublished.

One Grand Prize Winner receives $10,000 and circulation to Lakeshore Entertainment (Million Dollar Baby, American Pastoral), QC Entertainment (producer of Academy Award Nominee Get Out), Good Fear Film + Management (Polaroid), Energy Entertainment (Extant), Silent R Management (reps Academy Award winning director Barry Jenkins), and other leading production companies, managers, and agencies best-suited for developing the selected projects.

Finalists and semifinalists also receive circulation consideration with the specific intent of getting them on the fast track to film and TV production.

Most recently, contest winner I Am Raymond Washington was optioned by Zero Gravity Management (Ozark, Beasts of No Nation). Book Pipeline execs sent the material to several production companies before the biography was picked up.


Late Deadline: December 1st, 2018 – $75/entry

2018 Semifinalists Announced: February 25th, 2019

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This contest is legit. Prior to the option agreement, Book Pipeline pushed my book week after week, month after month to anyone who would listen to the potential Raymond Washington’s life story held. I am hopeful now that one day soon 'I am Raymond Washington' will exist on either the small or big screen so audiences can learn of this amazing person and the life he lived.

Zach Fortier (I Am Ray Washington)Book Pipeline Competition Winner

Everything about my experience with Book Pipeline so far has been wonderful. It means a great deal to me to have them out there advocating, stomping the earth for my work. I believe in passion, and respond to it, and look for it, and the Pipeline team has been showing me loud and clear their passion for "The Last To See Me." Learning I had won the award was fantastic; actually sharing this journey, beyond the award, is fun. I like collaboration, and a shared sense of value, and unexpected stories. This is one of them.

M Dressler (The Last to See Me)Book Pipeline Competition Winner

Book Pipeline opened my eyes to entirely new avenues for my writing. I've always considered myself a novelist, yet being selected in the top 10 gave me a sense of when my concepts are screen-worthy, or might even endure through a series. They have tirelessly advised me how to structure pitches for these markets, which is a skill that will last my whole writing career. To be counted amongst these outstanding authors makes me feel proud.

Keith Leitch (Too Much Information)Book Pipeline Competition Semifinalist

Placing as a Semifinalist for my short story was a huge confidence boost, and I learned a lot in the process. As a new author without any published fiction work who submitted a psychological drama about a 6-foot-tall talking pigeon, the odds probably weren't in my favor--but their unbiased judges saw the potential in my insane idea. I really appreciated their straightforward feedback, and I look forward to continue building the story with them, which is honestly the best part of the deal.

Elvin Sabla (Flight of the Pigeon Man)Book Pipeline Competition Semifinalist

Being named a finalist felt like official validation of what everyone kept telling me: "Your book should be a movie." Book Pipeline's knowledge and guidance have given me priceless behind-the-scenes insights into the entertainment industry, and their connections provided a foot in the door. Possibly best of all is their excitement about my story and their commitment to helping it reach a broader audience.

Melanie Thorne (Hand Me Down)Book Pipeline Competition Finalist

Of all the contests I've entered (and even won), I've received the most information, the most exposure, and the most mentoring from Book Pipeline.

Milo Behr (Beowulf: A Bloody Calculus)Book Pipeline Competition Winner

Writers work alone. Someone saying “your book should be a movie” can make my day. When 'Six Passengers, Five Parachutes' was selected as a Semi-finalist in the 2017 Book Pipeline Competition, it made my year. It’s a tremendous honor, and it not only inspires me to keep going, but it makes the book more appealing and proves it’s a legitimate thriller.

Ian BullBook Pipeline Semifinalist

Being named a finalist has definitely increased both the profile of my book and its perceived market value. The Book Pipeline team has impressed me every step of the way with their high standards, organisation, individual attention, and industry savvy. I can honestly say that they contribute the same level of drive, commitment, and professionalism on their end as conduit-builders as I do on my end as a writer. I know that I am in good hands and highly recommend Book Pipeline to any writer who is serious about introducing their work to the entertainment industry.

Stacia Saint Owens (Auto-Erotica)Book Pipeline Competition Finalist

Becoming a Book Pipeline finalist has been a welcome bit of news. There are few opportunities in life to reinvent yourself, and this one of them. Perhaps the most surprising aspect is how unintimidating the folks at Book Pipeline are: highly approachable and sincerely interested in my success.

W. Lawrence (Syncing Forward)Book Pipeline Competition Finalist

Though my first self-published novel was an award winner and was picked up by a producer, getting a self-published book recognized is an arduous process. I took a different tact with my second novel, and entered it in the BookPipeline Competition, and now I have a chance to pitch it to industry professionals. Wish I had done that with my first book!

Douglas Wentworth (CarnEvil)Book Pipeline Competition Semifinalist

Having been named a Book Pipeline semifinalist not only gave me a lift, but it renewed my hope of turning some of my novels into films. They are terrific at putting production companies together with writers. I recommend all screenwriter and authors submit.

Libby Fischer Hellmann (A Bitter Veil)Book Pipeline Competition Semifinalist

Submission Criteria

Acceptable entries:

  • Novels
  • Non-fiction
  • Plays
  • Graphic Novels and comics
  • Book proposals or pitches (fiction or non-fiction)
  • Short stories

Process and Requirements:

– For novels, novellas, and other full-length books: approximately the first 5,000 words + full synopsis (1-3 pages)

– For plays, graphic novels, proposals, and short stories: the complete manuscript + full synopsis (1-3 pages)

*Materials may be uploaded during registration, OR sent as an attachment to afterward. Registrants will receive a confirmation email with further info and instructions.

Criteria & Review: All entries are judged on the basis of concept originality, writing ability, and the property’s viability as a film or television series in the current marketplace. Judges consist of Book Pipeline and Script Pipeline executives.

Feedback: Every entrant will receive general feedback on their submission, specifically on the material’s adaptation potential. Comments are emailed after final judging is completed in March 2019.


– Material may be published or unpublished; if published, the film AND television rights must be available.

– Book Pipeline does not take a percentage of any future option or sale of your work, and all rights remain with the author, regardless of their final placement in the competition.

– Any genre accepted, including children’s books and projects intended for animation.

– Supplemental materials (illustrations, character bios, etc.) are optional.

For additional questions, email our contest coordinator.

View full terms here

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Industry Reviewing


The following are Book Pipeline partners receiving first look at the winner and finalists.

QC Entertainment (Academy Award nominated producers of Get Out)

Good Fear Film + Management (Rings, Polaroid)

Lakeshore Entertainment (Age of Adaline, Million Dollar Baby, Underworld)

Energy Entertainment (Extant, I Am Legend)

Silent R Management / Jewerl Ross (reps Academy Award winner Barry Jenkins, director of Moonlight)

Madhouse Entertainment (The Ark, Prisoners)

Zero Gravity Management (Ozark, Beasts of No Nation)

Finalists and semifinalists are also circulated to Script Pipeline’s industry network of 150+ producers and agencies, with long-term, ongoing assistance for the winner and finalists.


Grand Prize Winner

– $10,000

– Immediate and long-term circulation to top companies in the Book Pipeline and Script Pipeline network (see list below for companies receiving first look at the winner)

– Development assistance from Book Pipeline execs to help adapt the material into a screenplay, TV pilot, or pitch

– Additional review of other material for potential industry circulation

– Editorial write-up from Book Pipeline covering the winning submission

Finalists (2-8) and Winner

– Immediate and long-term circulation to top production companies and execs in the Book Pipeline and Script Pipeline network

– Additional review of other material and potential for industry circulation

Semifinalists (10-20)

– Consideration for industry circulation and personal development assistance from Script Pipeline executives

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