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The Silent Patient

By Spotlight: Must-Reads

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides psychological thriller Celadon Books – February 2019 The page-turning psychological thriller. It’s a genre absolutely saturated with thousands upon thousands of novels. Especially in today’s marketplace—where readers increasingly demand lightning quick stories that satisfy their bottomless hunger for suspenseful plot twists—it is a difficult task for authors to balance those demands while also sculpting a piece with deeply-layered characters and high emotional resonance. Achieving all those elements—or hitting the “bullseye”—with equal skill and visceral effect is a tall, tall order. The Silent Patient not only strikes that bullseye right in its center, but blows it out of the water. The book is an electrifying debut from screenwriter-turned-novelist Alex Michaelides about a criminal psychotherapist (Theo Faber) and his obsession with a mental institution inmate (Alicia Berenson), a woman who has taken a vow of silence ever since she was convicted of murdering her husband. As…

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