Below is a miscellaneous, continuously-updated listing of recommended websites for writers and those looking to make the jump into film and TV. If you have a site you would like to see a site added here, email us the link.

Featured Sites



National Novel Writing Month is a site inspiring those with even the slightest hint of writing intrigue to jump in and boldly create a novel living in the recesses of their imaginations. Because you can. Challenging writers of all ranges and talents to join in a month-long challenge to complete a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. This time crunch encourages writers to let go of their inhibitions and perfectionist mentality and simply allow their creativity to flow freely onto the page. The site also offers several helpful programs, connects writers with each other via blogs and chats, and provides constant inspirational advice for up-and-coming novelists. One of the most user-friendly writing sites out there.


dailywritingtips[1]Daily Writing Tips

Daily Writing Tips is a site dedicated to educating the public on the proper use of the English language. An article is posted to the site every day usually addressing common errors or misconceptions in vocabulary, grammar, spelling, usage, sentence structure, and punctuation. To write well, you have to know the rules–and this where you find them. The archives of articles provided on this site is a comprehensive list of topics that give answers to both popular and obscure questions regarding language. If, by some chance, a particular question has not been answered on the site, Daily Writing Tips invites visitors to contact them and propose their topic for one of the upcoming daily articles. No big secret: we all can benefit from this site.




The Internet Movie Script Database is one of the largest internet resources for downloadable screenplays, promoting the well-known concept that in order to become a screenwriter one has to read scripts–a lot of them. Categorized according to genre, this site offers an extremely wide selection of box office smashes to the most recent Oscar-nominated films, all the way back to timeless classics from the 1940s. The cumulative effort in providing such a large array of produced material makes this the perfect place for up-and-coming writers to read how their predecessors succeeded in creating a successful (or at least a produced) screenplay.


Absolute Write

A comprehensive website for writers of all professional types. Whether you want to write an epic fantasy series, the next blockbuster franchise, or a simple greeting card, this site offers articles and tips on fiction and non-fiction writing, copyrighting and even the shadowy, ambiguous career known as “freelance writing.” Additional information regarding editing, publishing, agents, and market research is also available accompanied with direct access to a large online community of writers and publishing professionals.


Pearl-Luke-Be-A-Better-Writer[1]Be a Better Writer

Offers a variety of resources for up-and-comers. Included among its tools is an accumulating list of creative writing competitions for both fiction and non-fiction writers. Prizes and prestige awarded to finalists and winners, this site encourages writers to submit their work as a means of jump-starting their career. Also available: a short story competition that publishes the winner’s material directly to the site, which is a great opportunity to get your work in front of a fairly large viewership. Other popular resources include a character name generator, details on self-publishing, writing tips, mentorship, and online writing courses.



Scribd is a membership book service community and online library of more than one million ebooks, audiobooks, and comics. An online database of every book genre from over 900 publishing companies, this site offers its members access to a massive reading selection from New York Times bestsellers to Rosetta Classics. An additional feature unique  is the application of an open publishing platform used for sharing and publishing all manner of writing samples and documents, a tremendous tool for any writer seeking a professional method to publish and display their work online.



It began as simple way for two college friends to keep up with each other’s lives across the country–and since that time has grown to 19,000+ active members who endorse a culture of writing. A considerable perk of being a writer is the ability to share your personal views in the material you create. Constructed as a kind of ongoing chat, WritersView stays true to that principle and encourages members to share views on a wide range of topics including love, health, politics, career, and everything in-between. The environment promotes freedom of voice and ideas and strictly discourages inappropriate opposition or arguing from discussion participants. Join the site and be a part of an extremely active community of writers expanding their perceptions of the world. Surely, an idea for a new book can be hatched from the discussions alone.


red_03[1]Josh Vogt’s Writing Resources

A site dedicated to the progressing career of fantasy/sci-fi novelist Josh Vogt, this site also offers a widely unknown database of 150+ writer resource sites. As Vogt pursues a writing career and posts updates on his latest successes, he’s taken the time to provide a gateway site to all things writing. Topics are neatly categorized, from writing basics to topical story elements. Not only provides an insider’s look into the life of a writer, but provides access to a vast well of knowledge helpful to wordsmiths of all levels.


template_04[1]Finish Your Novel

A site created and maintained by successful novelist Timothy Hallinan, known for his work in mystery and thriller genres. “A writer is someone who finishes.” A quote Hallinan uses to begin and end his exposition emphasizing the importance of finishing your novel. Provided on his site is a comprehensive presentation on this particular topic addressing the many challenges new writers face in finishing their first manuscripts. Running parallel with each challenge, Hallinan details a plan of action to overcome each obstacle faced and reach the finish line–becoming, in all respects to Hallinan’s view, a real writer.


writers-digest2[1]Writer’s Digest

The one-stop shop everyone knows about, but for the sake of the inexperienced should be mentioned. Writer’s Digest encompasses information, resources, and an active, global community. Writers are given opportunities to connect with other writers, engage their skills in weekly prompts, submit their work to contests and competitions supported by Writer’s Digest, and expand their participation in the community by following the latest articles and conference listings. Worldwide recognition tends to elevate this site beyond personalization, but Writer’s Digest still holds a top slot as one of the most comprehensive resources.


Great Writing

Great Writing is an online community of writers dedicated to providing constructive criticism to other writers. As a member, you’re allowed to join forums and post your material for immediate feedback and critique. Forum types are structured like a blog and vary on the material posted to them. Site members are encouraged to participate in those forums catered to their area of writing interest. In this way, writers receive feedback on their material from likeminded people with helpful insights and advice on how to improve in their particular genre. Harsh criticism or bashing is prohibited in order to foster a safe and encouraging environment for people to refine their writing skills.


61c3cffmBCL._UX250_[1]Holly Lisle

This site is dedicated to the ongoing works of successful fiction writer Holly Lisle, first published in 1991. With over two decades of experience, Lisle presents her knowledge on the journey of becoming a writer and uses her site to share insights in the form of blogs and an extensive directory of FAQs addressing topics that range from philosophical discussions involving a writer’s inspiration all the way to practical application articles. Lisle’s passion for writing radiates from this site and inspires others to embrace their own passions and start their own journey. Or at least not give up on them.



If you’re passionate about reading and/or writing, bookmark this site. LitReactor is an interactive community designed to help writers improve their craft and facilitate an environment where readers can engage their love for literature. Composed of an extensive team of experts, LitReactor has several helpful tools, including an online magazine full of news and columns on writing, a workshop with a peer-review system, online classes taught by established authors and industry professionals, a discussion forum from writers to writers, and community-based competitions. In short, it’s the perfect place for any writer looking for community support and opportunities.


newpages-logo[1]New Pages

New Pages is a site packed with practical options and opportunities for writers to deepen their knowledge and ability of the craft. Designed with the purpose of empowering the writer, this site highlights a variety of tools and acts as a kind of a hub of information involving creative writing programs, competitions, writing events, independent publishers, and indie bookstores. Also available: a list of books and magazines writers can buy or subscribe to as a way of continuing their self-education outside of a traditional setting.


masthead.logo[1]Poets & Writers

Poets & Writers is a well-known source dedicated to cultivating the lives of creative writers. In business since 1970, this company has focused its efforts in fostering the professional development of poets and writers, a mission statement stemming from the belief that literature is a foundational element in the sustainment and growth of our culture. Both this site and their award-winning bimonthly issue promote open communication amidst the writing community and help raise funding for writing events, programs, and workshops all across the country in an effort to create an environment where literature is utilized by the widest audience possible.


UrbanMuse2-Header2Red[1]The Urban Muse

This site has been named a Top 10 Blog for Writers twice over, and the knowledge it provides for freelancers is worth its weight on the headline. Created by freelance writer/blogger Susan Johnston, The Urban Muse passes on her personal insights on the freelance life including the good, the bad, and the everything else. Available at this site are helpful tips on writing, working with clients, and marketing your freelance business. Johnston has also expanded her site into an ebook detailing online writing markets as well as a list of 50+ websites that buy freelance articles. Freelance may not be for everyone, but if it’s for you, this would be blog-stop number one.


14-Prompts-3D-cover-transparent-small1[1]The Write Practice

Practice. The golden rule of success. The Write Practice is a site dedicated to that single principle and promotes an environment of unceasing practice by sending a book to its subscribers called “14 Prompts,” which contains. . . you guessed it: 14 prompts designed to inspire a creative opportunity for the writer to practice their craft. Once a subscriber finishes a prompt, they post to the website and the community takes over. Constructive criticism, encouragement, and challenges issued, this site is an incredible communal effort designed to “refine with fire.” Want honest feedback? Look no further.


logo[1]The Writer

The Writer is the online writers’ magazine. Subscribe. Period. Full of relevant articles, current news and views, and tons of tools, this is a great spot to get up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the writing community. Also available on the site is a thick list of contests conveniently categorized according to type/genre, writing resources organized according to what you might be looking for, such as publishers, writing groups, conferences, writing programs, self-publishers, or an agent. The Writer makes about four writing posts a month, providing inspiration and creative opportunities to the visitor. Straightforward and dedicated to supporting the work of both professional and new writers, this site is an absolute must.


write-to-done[1]Write to Done

Write to Done is a site with services geared toward making writers better writers. First founded by Mary Jaksch, a successful novelist and blogger, this online community has since grown into a popular blog spot. Jaksch consistently posts helpful articles and invites her members to submit articles of their own with the possibility of being posted to the public forum. Along with her free helpful writing tips, Jaksch also gives professional feedback service on your written material. Whether you want to submit non-fiction, novels, or blog posts, Jaksch will provide credible feedback along with suggestions for improvement.


writer-unboxed[1]Writer Unboxed

This site began when two writers started dissecting complex books and movies in an effort to discover what exactly made them work. Like most of us do casually. Writer Unboxed has since grown into a 5,000+ community of writers exchanging their experiences and insights. Members include writers on all levels from the undiscovered to bestselling authors–all eager to pass on a helpful hand by posting inspirational articles and practical guides by pros. Even though a tiny subscription fee is necessary to access the full resources of the site, immediately available to visitors is an extensive list of fantastic blogs and websites dedicated to boosting you above the average.


WRMainLogo-NEW[1]Writer’s Relief

Writer’s Relief is a company with one purpose: help the writer succeed. That purpose translates into a multi-service company tackling the practical steps all writers face when it’s time to publish your novel. Those services include submitting to publishing houses, researching publishing houses, proofreading, and building your online presence in a professional, accessible way. Composed of a highly skilled team, this company has been helping writers finish the race since 1994, specializing in the tedious, time-consuming stage once the writing process is complete. This company is there to motivate and enable you to take the final leap and get material from the hard drive to the publisher.


ec346303d7eaa382bed8e29048b0cbc1_400x400[1]The Write Life

A great source of articles and practical knowledge designed to help you create and connect with other writers and earn a living as a full-time writer. This site addresses several notable topics of discussion: freelancing, marketing your material, blogging, self-publishing, traditional publishing and, of course, insights into the craft itself. Also available is a resource page full of guides and how-to steps for not only the above categories, but more specialized topics related to the broader writing world. Hands down, this site is a terrific resource, and the articles posted are worthwhile in their practicality and easy-to-read presentation.


cropped-RP-W-Hse-Web-banner.002[1]Writer House

Writer House, also known as Richmond Pickering Ltd, is a company based out of the United Kingdom and specializes in helping authors to get published. Packed tight with knowledge and resources regarding the publishing process along with multiple services: editing, proofreading, step-by-step publishing strategies, and a highly adept self-publishing service provided direct from the company. Writers maintain full rights to any material published by the Writer House as well as all royalties to sales. Just to be clear, this is not a publishing house in the traditional sense, but the resources and services are a great way for any writer to get their work out there in a professional manner with top-of-the-line presentation.


Home_girl_with-pearl-earring_small[1]The Writer’s Workshop

Also an organization based out of the UK. And definitely worth the mention. The Writer’s Workshop is a company equipped with the tools to jump in and work with a writer at any stage of their journey, whether it’s developing story, publishing, or seeking representation. Along with a ton of free advice, they offer in-depth courses, premium editing services, listings of upcoming events, and a great online community called The Word Cloud, complete with an interactive blog. Whether you’re a writer learning the basics on your very first book or an established author publishing your tenth novel, The Writer’s Workshop is specifically designed to help an author realize and benefit from their full potential.


writerscafe-org[1]Writer’s Café

Writer’s Café is an online writing community where members can freely post material and receive feedback for improvement. The greatest asset of this site, however, is the comprehensive database you can access even as a visitor. This site provides lists and lists of just about anything a writer could possibly need over the course of their career, including: publishing houses, self-publishing companies, literary agencies, writing groups, contests and the best part is that each of these lists are complete with direct contact information. Another great perk is online courses with valuable insight on the writing process–and you can take them for free.


MWA_logo[1]Mystery Writers of America

Mystery Writers of America prides themselves on being the premier outlet for mystery/crime writers and fans of the genre. This group has eleven regional chapters throughout the U.S. that meet regularly in an attempt to cultivate awareness and involvement in the mystery/crime realm. This organization awards scholarships, sponsors writing symposiums and conferences, presents the Edgar Award to selected candidates, and conducts activities designed to develop and cultivate a larger and more widespread appreciation of the crime/mystery genre.



This site is one of the largest and most active online writing communities to date and it’s only been around since 2000. Free to join and your membership gains you access to a huge community of over a million members, portfolio space to post drafts of your work and share it within forums, invaluable feedback on your material from your online community and tons of resources on how to better create or inspire your inner writer. One of the greatest way this community maintains such an active level of involvement from its members is the constant flow of contests and activities hosted by the site. The members involve themselves by not only competing, but being a part of the judging process and as such are constantly reading each other’s’ work and improving their own.


Writers Reign

Writers Reign is a great website for the beginning riter. Based out of the UK, they offer tons of features including an article archive, a writer questions database, lots of links to resources and free online courses. One of the primary drawsis the constant stream of contests available, which promotes an atmosphere of friendly competition and encourages both the site members and visitors alike to enter their material in contests for potential exposure.


wwlogo80pct[1]Writers Write

Probably the largest writing site available and serves as a major online resource for editors, publishers, and of course writers. The site consists of literally thousands of webpages and links to interviews with professional authors, current job and market opportunities for writers, a large and active writing community, and ongoing blogs with hundreds of topics involving writing, book to film adaptations, video game adaptation, writing tips, story development, and more. Highlighted on the front page are articles on the most recent writing news which keeps the members current on the latest industry drama. Overall, a huge wealth of knowledge and information.


7703d410a1012c153b7f667445ec77a5[1]Writing Career

This site is the perfect place for a freelancer to stay current and involved in paid writing opportunities. Constantly updated, this site lists calls for submissions from companies, groups, or individuals who are willing to pay for the material selected. Writers can comb through lists and find the call best suited for their talents, whether its fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or anthology. Deadlines, pay rate, and submission guidelines are all available to the visitor along with a constant market update on the going rates for freelancers. One of the best outlets for a freelance writer looking to pick up work.




CineStory is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing writing talent through their annual retreat program and fellowship award–and as such, focuses on generating industry-ready professionals. Every year, CineStory takes a group of promising screenwriters on a retreat located in Idyllwild, CA. During a four-day intensive process, writers are paired with producers and managers,and receive valuable one-on-one mentorship designed to develop their skills. Promoting a strong sense of community, the retreat also engages in informal group discussions led by seasoned industry experts with deep insights into the screenwriting process.


scriptchat logo[1]ScriptChat

ScriptChat is an online twitter group that conducts weekly topic chats ranging from particular scripts (usually produced) to story elements to the screenwriting business. Each of the chats are proctored and regulated in order to promote discussion related to the topic at hand and – as the site indicates – that screenwriters leave their egos at the door. The site emphasizes that these chats are not competitions but a means to promote community within the screenwriting world. Any writer looking for engaging discussion and willing to learn a great deal about writing, networking and their own craft should definitely join and sit in one of these chats.


Go Into The Story

Go Into The Story

Created and managed by successful screenwriter and UCLA screenwriting instructor Scott Myers, Go Into The Story acts as the official screenwriting blog for The Blacklist, a professional networking site designed to connect filmmakers to unproduced material. The extensive conversations and chats posted to this site are great for new writers with tons of different questions. Go Into the Story breeds screenwriting conversations ranging from simple formatting technique to complex plot development and encourages writer-to-writer interaction by a constant stream of Q&A. In addition to the chat database, Myers also offers links to download recently produced screenplays.



For writers who want to help other writers succeed. Created by Carson Reeves, who discovered the best way to become a better writer was to read scripts by writers who are. . . well, better than you. In theory, anyway. Originally designed as a means to review and post notes on professional screenplays for amateurs learning the art, this site has since grown into an all-out writer community. Among many tools, the site has a collective list of the most popular ScriptShadow articles ranging in topics from how to write better dialogue to selling your screenplay. Also available are useful writing tips, feedback opportunities, and a constant supply of advice gleamed from the success of produced screenplays and professional writers.




An industry veteran, ScriptMag is an online screenwriter’s magazine designed for accumulating the latest news, events, opportunities, blogs, and resources all in one place. Staying up-to-date is absolutely essential for any aspiring screenwriter who wants to (eventually) quit their day job. Keeping the writer current is what ScriptMag is designed to do. Posting the latest industry trends and rumors, updating the community through interviews with writing professionals and making publicizing writing programs for those interested in furthering their education. This site is a one-stop gateway to all things screenwriting.



Like IMSDb, SimplyScripts is a collective database of screenplays available for public download. The site categorizes its material alphabetically, but organizes them according to type that range from unproduced scripts to anime to stage plays and all the way up to Oscar winners. With its inclusion of “undiscovered screenplays,” SimplyScripts sets itself apart in its efforts to highlight original material that has yet to find industry representation. In addition to its extensive screenplay database, the site also provides treatment services, an active discussion board for writers, and up-to-date movie reviews on the latest releases.



 BAFTA: Screenwriters on Screenwriting

BAFTA acts as a cumulative resource for all types and levels of industry professionals, which, let’s be honest, all begins with the screenwriter. The site dedicates a skills page to each industry professional type and their screenwriting resource hub is stock full of insightful articles, video interviews, and audio testimonies of dozens of well-known gurus. From rock star directors to writing masters to legendary actors, the screenwriter’s page is designed to give you the inside scoop on story development as it applies within the industry. Brimming with invaluable advice from actual industry successes, this site is perfect for writers searching for an insider’s look into the world of storytelling.